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Floral Crowns, Festival ootd Go To Topper

Floral Crowns top off any Festival ootd

Coachella weekend #1 in the books… uno mas to go.

Are you at Coachella, soaking up the spring desert sun? Yes? Lucky! So then you’ve probably seen, or worn, your share of flower crowns. We’ve been a fan since Dolce & Gabbana’s Alta Moda presentation, and we’ve seen this look before (thank you Frida Kahlo). Since then, they’ve become the go to topper for festival ootd’s.

Photo: Instagram

Model Samantha Gradoville backstage with fellow catwalker Maud Welzen Photo: Instagram

How to wear your circlet for the festival set:

Top off a boho blouse and ripped jeans or boyfriend shorts, or go supremely flower child and wear it with a flowy lace bohemian sundress and gladiator sandals. When it comes to flowers, go big or go home. If you can, choose fresh flowers. But if that’s not an option, choose high quality silk blooms like our Festival Yellow Rose Crown ($20,, or our Festival Sunflowers Crown ($20, Benefit of a flower crown… no worries on the bad hair day! Avoid the Upper East Side blowout, and opt for a messy braid or windswept beachy waves. FYI, if you’re wearing a flower crown, you’re asking for attention!


Orange Sunflowers

Festival Sunflowers Crown, $20,


Festival Yellow Rose, $20,

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  1. simofever123
    April 15, 2014

    Love the trend !!!

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